Tendering, Bid Comparison and Contract Awards

We can organize the complete tender and bid process to ensure our clients receive the most competitive offer available for products and services. We use a structured approach with defined criteria to ensure that quotes can be compared consistently



Construction Management and Project Management

Thanks to our many years of experience in construction and project management, we are able to control and coordinate all aspects of a project in accordance with its defined objectives and regulatory requirements. 



Plant Commissioning and Handover

The transfer process is one of the most important aspects of a project. At this stage, all specifications are checked for their qualitative and quantitative accuracy and recorded in a log, which is validated by the buyer. From that moment on, the responsibility for the building belongs to the buyer. We support the buyer throughout this important process, based on our extensive knowledge and experience, and take the necessary measures to ensure proper delivery.



Owner Representatives

We will support owner representatives on their complex construction projects. We can help take the pressure off decision-making and in addressing many technical specifications.