Preliminary Studies and Projects

We can assist you in planning matters at any time. Starting from the initial idea, we will help you define the full concept and initial functional specifications, ensuring feasibility is optimized at this early stage. Our studies are always prepared in accordance with regulatory requirements.



Building Requirements  

Whether or not the preliminary design was developed with us, we are willing to develop the project further and refine it into a mature project planning application. In this phase, we translate your concept into an outline of the key functional requirements, taking into account important structural factors. We set ourselves apart through our intensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, ensuring optimal results. 


Approval Procedures

Alongside the actual project delivery, the necessary permits and official documents must be filed with the local government. We can assist you in preparing all the documents and models in support of your permit application, as well as ensure that all filings are completed accurately and on time.



Implementation Planning

In order to realize the project and proceed with the detailed construction plans, an appropriate scale is required. This represents the final design, incorporating all detailed decisions, which serves as the basis for the participating artisans. We prepare every scale to the required specifications.