Conversion and  Feasibility Studies

We analyse all possible scenarios for new or redevelopment (of old buildings or land) projects, as well as advise on project feasibility and financial return potential at an early stage (before concept design). 


Implementation Strategies

An old building does not necessarily have to be replaced by a new one. Based on initial sketches and calculations, we can suggest other possibilities. Where appropriate, we will prepare a cost-benefit calculation to help our client make an appropriate economic decision about whether to refurbish an older building.



Technical Condition Assessments

Knowledge about the condition of a property is, and remains, the foundation of modern and sustainable property management. A simple, structured appraisal of the relevant components into quality classes provides information on when and how to invest in order to achieve consistent returns. The condition assessment can also be applied to a property portfolio.



Redevelopment Concepts and Repair Strategies

Renovation often makes sense. The question about what should be redeveloped, and how, is not easy to answer. We create redevelopment concepts and consider interdependencies of individual components within one holistic approach.